Ban the word bossy. Sheryl Sandberg lights up TEDWomen 2013

This is especially relevant to us as we think about future careers, and relates back to the double-standard between men and women both in society and on the job-market.

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“It’s nice to look out and see so many women. That’s not my norm,” Sheryl Sandberg comments drily as she takes her place onstage at TEDWomen 2013  at the SFJazz Center. She’s here to talk with co-host Pat Mitchell, in a Q&A follow-up to her incendiary 2010 TED Talk, given at a TEDWomen three years before.

First, Mitchell asks her to remember the process of putting together that talk. The subject matter wasn’t her first choice; in fact, Sandberg recalls that she’d had absolutely no intention of talking about anything so personal. “In the business world, you never talk about being a woman, because someone might notice you’re a woman,” she says. Friends told her that if she gave a “woman’s” talk, it would end her career. She realized she was scared. And then she realized that she had to face her fear. So she put aside the wonky…

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