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Prime Minister John Key: bust the “Roast Busters” and show you take sexual violence seriously

This is one of the responses that New Zealanders have made towards the ‘roast busters’ feature on the news recently. The fact that there has to be a petition is a terrible thing in itself, because it shows just how lacklustre efforts to stop this type of invasion of privacy and the rape-acceptance mindset that society seems to have gained due to the apparent desensitisation to horrific crimes.

I have seen a few responses that are along the lines of “I don’t think they’ve done anything wrong, and I’m annoyed we’re going to have new censorship laws because some girls made bad choices to get some liquor and a cigarette” and a lot of people seem to consider what happened as consensual, not rape. There are Facebook communities supporting the ‘roast busters’ actions.

I’m going to re-iterate what I said earlier: implied consent, imagined consent, expected consent, forced consent and consent when under the influence of drugs/alcohol are NOT INFORMED CONSENT, and should not be regarded as explicit or informed consent. They should not be acted on. Ever. Add to that the horrible breaches of privacy that those ‘roast busters’ have made by posting images and videos on social network site, alongside names and personal details? What they have done is illegal, immoral, and cruel.

So, I urge you to sign this petition, or others like it, and help to put a stop to the miscarriage of justice that is happening as the government doesn’t act on the information that they have been given.



  1. I absolutely agree. In fact, regarding consent, I’d take it a little bit further still. Is informed consent itself a good ethical criterion? If the girls in question did consent, does it mean that what happened was okay? How meaningful is consent when our expectations about how we should be treated and our sense of own own value is socially determined? Hmm!

    1. hmm….Probably, seeing as attitudes tend to be so lax regarding consent, not so much. In which case, what could we use as a clear indicator?

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