The Consent Problem

I recently went onto the Auckland Uni page, and who did I see? None other than Nicola Gavey, who’s the supervisor for the research project we participated in. Her article, which was about the disturbing gang-rape culture and worrying lack of concern about consent issues, links to some of the aspects that we talked about in the workshop. It is described as “Roast busting and the revival of misogynist sexual culture”.

Consent is defined as: “Consent refers to the provision of approval or agreement, particularly and especially after thoughtful consideration.” There have been many opinions and definitions of what makes sexual consent, but one thing is always agreed upon: the people involved most be sober of mind and must willingly consent to any sort of sexual behaviour. Implied consent is not enough. The article shows how blatantly ‘roast busters’ are defying all of this, and how, according to today’s laws, they are able to get away with the most horrendous crimes and invasions of privacy.

You can have a read here.


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