General Opinions and Highlights On The Workshop

Hey everyone!!!

I’m part of my school’s publications committee for the Yearbook, and since I attended the social media and sexism seminars in the holidays, it is my job to now write a short article.

I was wondering if anybody wanted to contribute?

Highlights, things learnt, how terribly exciting and slightly nerve-wracking it was?? I only attended the first week workshops, so I’d love to hear how the second one went.

Many thanks for any help šŸ™‚

Also,Ā  Person-Who-Created-This-Blog-And-Who-Must-Stay-Anonymous, if you would like me to say anything in particular, or feel that certain information should be included, please write a comment, or email me.



  1. Hey!
    Exciting that you’re writing an article about the workshops! The only thing I can think of for you to include is a link to the blog, if you want to.
    Good luck!
    From Person-Who-Created-This-Blog-And-Who-Must-Stay-Anonymous / Octavia šŸ˜‰

    1. Thanks! That might not work for the yearbook, as I’m not sure we’re allowed links, but I’ll definitely put it in the school newsletter.

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