Was skimming through tumblr and saw this.

Made me think of our conversations. 


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  1. Reblogged this on Narriteration and commented:
    I recently made the prolonged acquaintance of a straight, white-passing, formally educated, professionally successful, Israeli man who was staying a few weeks in the house I had been living in for over 6 months.

    This young man, perhaps in his mid or late twenties, had a notable style of interaction which I found challenging to describe in quantifiable details even after living together (in community with over a dozen other guests and residents).

    After getting into a few mild, mostly amicable or non-eventful “altercations” with this person, I realized the strange thing, the “unlikeable”, “off” aspect, to every exchange we had was predicated on a very subtle yet pervasive symbiotic combination of both victimization and entitlement.

    Reflecting upon my own conversations and observations with this person, I notice in myself how these methods of communicating and conceiving oneself — with unexamined passive aggressiveness, displacing one’s own agency and/or responsibility in any given situation — still lie dormant, invisible. It is only when these internalized roots of passive-aggressiveness, self victimizing and entitlement creep along unchecked in myself that I miss the same sinewy, sinister threads in the motions of others. And only by becoming conscious of my own challenges which I still need to face and consciously hack down into a manageable, visible compost piles of inner rubbish, can I actively identify and help others realize analogous decolonizing processes.

    In short, go Kathy Walker! A lovely, succinct summary.

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