Just Girly Things…

Can someone please tell me the point of this website?


This is probably one of the most sexist websites, it puts all  girls into one category. It pretty much says we are all, beauty obsessed, party animals, sluts, who wish we had boyfriends… *cough, cough* This is not true!

Have a look and tell me what you think?




  1. I think this kind of thing definitely supports the idea that girls are meant to be a certain way and it reinforces the societal norm that ‘feminine’ is one fixed thing, this obviously conforms to society’s beliefs that ‘feminine’ women are women who are beauty obsessed, etc. which I think is wrong.

  2. I looked at the site, and apparently they’ve been getting this response a lot, since they write in their FAQ column: “This blog is sexist, I’m a boy but I like some of these things. I’m a girl and I think boys like this too. I don’t like this blog because it isn’t just about girls…
    a: Please read THIS . Also, if comments like this that are put into our inbox will ignored and deleted. ”
    they link to a page which then has a disclaimer, saying that it’s about what they, as girls, like etc, http://justgirlythings.tumblr.com/dis
    However, they don’t actually address the sexism issue.

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