Sexism and gaming

There’s quite a bit of material on sexism and gaming – things we discussed together, and others that I have discovered myself. I thought I’d make a post listing the ones that I found particularly interesting.

Here is the post that came up in our conversation today, about the experience of a male gamer who played Mass Effect 3 multiplayer using his wife’s account: Game On Ladies

My earlier post about the project #1ReasonWhy was inspired by this post on the gaming website Rock Paper Shotgun: #1ReasonWhy We Are All Responsible

Its follow-up post about feminism and men is also good: Misogyny, Sexism, And Why RPS Isn’t Shutting Up

And finally, an in-progress series of videos on portrayal of women in games by Anita Sarkeesian: Tropes vs Women in Video Games
(Sarkeesian’s views and her show Feminist Frequency are a little controversial even in feminist circles, but I think her videos still bring up good points and are worth watching overall.)


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