Sexual Harrasment Is Normal?

I was thinking about the website that we got shown, where all those women tweeted or sent in their stories of sexual harassment etc. and how most of them either said that they were in shock, so they didn’t react, or they told someone and got laughed at and told that they had to ‘man up’, because it wasn’t a big deal, and then felt ashamed of themselves and started to think of sexual harassment as something normal – part of life.

Well, I recently saw Shane Black’s well known film Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, which is a comedy-crime-romance-thriller type movie (it is really good, I recommend it.). There’s a scene, where the protagonist, Harry Lockhart (played by none other than Robert Downey Junior) tries to get a spider off someone’s boob, while she’s sleeping…and she wakes up. The reaction is as follows:

What I really like about this is that it is Harry who is voicing this opinion – a feminist opinion, btw (and also a logical, reasonable, ought-to-be-natural opinion) – and that it clearly portrays a strong stance against what all the women experienced. Go Shane Black!



  1. Interesting!! “are you the kind of girl who..?”

    1. …thinks that sexual harassment is normal/should be a normal part of life? No. I’m not. I didn’t realise that some people saw it in that way until this workshop, either!

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