So I went shopping today and Farmers had a sale on Lingerie. I found myself wondering why women bother wearing “Push Up” bras, when it hit me. Women are only wearing these bras to make themselves attractive to the opposite sex! Every woman has a right to look sexy, but who said she “has to”? Media forces the idea upon us that women are merely objects of desire ; we should dress to please Men, rather than to please ourselves.  We market these bras to young girls (Teenagers) and then wonder why they think their own bodies are “not enough”.  If we are constantly telling women that they need more boobs in order to impress  a man, then of course they are going to buy something that helps them. As if the concept wasn’t enough we are buying them from brands named, “Pleasure State”, “New Look” and “Perfects”, these names suggest that women need to “look” better, they need to look “Perfect” and they need to  provide males with “Pleasure”. Oh but wait there’s more, not only are the brands of the bras suggestive but the bras themselves also have names, such as “Booster”, “Bombshell”, “Super Boost”, “Uplift”, “Va-va voom”, “#1 Very Sexy” and “Add two cups”.  Should we need to wear a “push up” Bra to be confident? The answer should be obvious. NO! You should not need to wear a “push up” bra to feel confident. Women should be encouraged to love themselves the way they are.  The unfortunate thing is that, even though there are bras made which aren’t specifically “push up”, most bras have some kind of extra padding. On the “Victorias  Secret” website there is 58 push up bras for sale but only 23 with no padding. These figures are quite self explanatory.  This phenomenon is incredibly sexist and not ok. I am noticing more and more things which are sexist in the media, including “Dove” advertising  but for me the “push up” bra phenomenon was much more interesting and is something I have found a little absurd for a long time.



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