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Love and Sex in an Age of Pornography

Maree Crabbe and David Corlette have produced a film investigating and problematising the role mainstream commercial pornography is playing as a sex education resource for young Australians. Their argument resonates with some of the bigger questions we’ve been asking: what is problematic about the mundane presentations of gender we see in popular media – pornography, […]

I kn ow you want it!

Using humour in a campaign Note: I really don’t like CoverGirl. They use animal products and animal testing. The link above shows humour used in a satirical way that makes us ignore the *arguably* sexist undertones of the ad.

Make Your Move Campaign

The “Make Your Move” poster campaign is run by community activists working to end sexual violence. They use typical lines and logics which are typically used to justify rape and support rapists, and turn them around. Do you think it works?

Gender-Swapped “Blurred Lines” Video: Age Restricted?

I was very interested to see that the gender-swapped blurred lines video from Mod Carousel has been age restricted on youtube, because content “may be inappropriate for some users”. The original Robin Thicke version, meanwhile, remains unrestricted…

Tumblr Was skimming through tumblr and saw this. Made me think of our conversations. 

Just Girly Things…

Can someone please tell me the point of this website? This is probably one of the most sexist websites, it puts all ¬†girls into one category. It pretty much says we are all, beauty obsessed, party animals, sluts, who wish we had boyfriends… *cough, cough* This is not true! Have a look and tell […]